Over the few years, matcha powder has gained huge popularity, thans to its amazing health advantages. You can use it for your lattes, tea, smoothies, ice creams, and many more drinks. 

Though matcha powder falls under the family of green tea, it is popular for its unique quality. Unlike the traditional green tea where you soak the leaves in hot water, it is typically made up of ground tea leaves. Having it in powder form assures the advantages of a high concentration of essential nutrients present in leaves. 

All the potential nutrients the matcha is rich in play an efficient role in maintaining good health. Let's learn through this blog what the actual definition of matcha is and how beneficial it is. Read on!

About Matcha Powder

Typically, matcha is a green tea powder, prepared using dried tea leaves that undergo a fine grinding process. It tastes like vegetables and is slightly bitter. In addition, the powder is vibrant green in color because of the high concentration of chlorophyll in leaves. 

You can find two types of matcha powder which have different tastes and qualities: 

  • Ceremonial Matcha: The ceremonial matcha in Singapore is mainly popular for its use in the preparation of hot tea. It is a top-grade matcha powder with a smooth taste and almost no bitterness. Typically, this powder has a bright green color in comparison to culinary matcha. 
  • Culinary Matcha: It is mild in taste, naturally bitter, and has an earthy green color. Ideally, this matcha powder is used for baking purposes and lattes. 

Nutritional Profile Of Matcha Powder

Well, matcha powder consists of a great number of antioxidants, macronutrients, and vitamins, and is generally low in calories. 

One serving of matcha provides:

  • Iron: .28mg, 1% of the daily requirement
  • Calcium: 6mg, 1% of the daily requirement
  • Calories: 7
  • Carbohydrates: 0g
  • Fat: 0g
  • Protein: 1g
  • Fiber: 1g

The antioxidant content found in matcha powder is the key factor in its nutritional value. They reduce inflammation, aid detoxification, prevent cell damage, and so on. Let’s know many more reasons to consume it in the right amount. 

Top Reasons To Have Matcha Powder 

Prevent Cognitive Disorders

Having green tea made using matcha powder helps enhance brain function by preventing the risks of cognitive disorders. These issues with the brain are much more common in old age. The negative impacts are mainly on memory, learning, movement, attention, language, and problem-solving. As a result, it causes brain illnesses, including dementia, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease.

Also, matcha greatly relieves stress and prevents brain aging. The more you consume this nutritious powder, the better you will get protection against these disorders. 

Promote Heart Health

Today, heart diseases are the major cause of death. So, making a well-balanced diet a part of your everyday routine can help you maintain good heart health.

Among the nutritious superfoods, matcha powder these days is very popular for its nutritional profile. It reduces the risks of several heart diseases by increasing the "good" cholesterol levels and decreasing "bad" cholesterol levels. 

Matcha has the potential to lower the oxidation of LDL cholesterol which is the major factor in preventing heart diseases. Drinking matcha green tea is also associated with reducing the chances of heart attacks and strokes. So, do add this nutritious powder to your nutritious diet, keeping your heart health in check.  

Burn Excess Fat

The potential nutrients in matcha powder typically create a nutrient-dense environment for the proper functioning of the body. This means you require less work. Consuming it as morning green tea can help burn more calories. 

It can burn up about 25% of the excess body fat. So, if you are on your journey of weight loss, add matcha to your well-balanced diet along with the right exercises. 

Keep The Immune System Healthy

Catechin is a type of polyphenol present in matcha powder that keeps track of oxidative stress and sickness-inducing microbodies. If you have sinus infection or allergy issues, do consider adding matcha to your everyday diet, very useful for such kind of inflammation.

Switch your coffee with hot matcha tea or lattes during the flu or cold season and reap its benefits in strengthening your immunity.

Make You Calm And Alert

Matcha is fully packed with L-theanine, an effective amino acid that is rarely found and promotes a relaxed feeling. It even maintains the well-being of the brain by preventing stress, making it calm and alert at the same time.

The negative effects of stress are beta waves which cause over-agitation and anger. Having the matcha induces alpha waves which lead to an alert and relaxed state. Though the content of L-theanine is common in every type of green tea, matcha green tea powder provides 5 times more. 

Strengthens Bone Health

You might not consider making efforts to keep your bones healthy but it is essential for your good fitness and mobility, specifically when you age. Well, polyphenols, the potent antioxidants in matcha powder, help improve bone mineral density by preventing inflammation. 

Usually, inflammation causes oxidative stress on the bones, leading to cell damage and proteins. This can consequently increase the chance of osteoporosis(weak or brittle bones).

Summing Up

As matcha powder is highly rich in antioxidants and many other essential compounds, it undoubtedly is very beneficial for good health. From maintaining heart and bone health to strengthening the immune system, it works many wonders. 

So, effortlessly include it in your tea, lattes, or any favorite recipe and give a great nutritious boost to your day.